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Thank you for considering Jessica Janae Studios. Our wedding, fashion, product, or other type of photographic services are just a few questions away. Whether your wedding or event is located in Utah or across the globe we look forward to working with you closely to plan out your special day. Here’s the process:

  • Identify what type of shoot you’re interested in,
  • Tell us your time frame—deadline date or event date, etc.
  • Write a quick note describing what you want done. i.e. Engagement, Bridals, Wedding day, Full day fashion line shoot, product shoot, etc.
  • Let us know how we can contact you. We prefer to take a few minutes to talk to you on the phone to find out your specific needs. We’ll customize to fit your needs instead of forcing you into a “Package.”

With this information we’ll text you to let you know we’ve received your form then set up a time for a short call to get a personal sense of what you need done. We’ll be happy to send you a quote or even meet with you at the studio to discuss your specific needs since each shoot is as unique as each person.

The Wedding Process

Plan on scheduling your shoot a minimum of 2 months before you want to send out your invitations.  The timing of the shoot is designed to leave enough time to edit your photos, get them to you, get invitations and photo inserts ordered and get them mailed out.  Your engagement session will include 2 hours of shooting time, up to 2 locations (must be fairly close together to avoid overly long drive times),  2 outfits (if you want).  We’ll provide a drive or disc of an estimated 40 edited images.  Don’t worry!  Our photographers are experts at putting you at ease and helping you forget there’s a camera ☺

The photographer manager/agent will set a shoot date.  For weddings we’ll create a timeline leading up to your day so everything runs smoothly.  For other types of shoots we’ll set a date then discuss details unique to your shoot.  Once your details are finalized, we will set up a meeting with your photographer in person or by phone allowing you to share your vision and for the photographer to begin their unique creative process.

Once the shoot is done the photographers work begins. Our editing process is very thorough allowing your pictures to be as vibrant and beautiful as possible while avoiding an over-edited look. Our photographers create 2 or 3 major shoots a week and each requires several hours of editing. Events with hundreds of pictures like Weddings can take 10-12 weeks to edit. Events with 40 or 50 edited pics such as and engagement shoot take 2 or 3 weeks to edit. Fashion line, product, and other types of shoots tend to be unique so we’ll discuss turnaround time on a case by case basis but it’s usually fairly quick.

Expect your images 3-4 weeks after the shoot.


How long is dependant on your specific event. For weddings that will cover the wedding ceremony and reception. You decide how much you’d like us to cover. If you’d like us to take a complete photojournalistic approach meaning you’d like us to be part of getting ready through the send off at the end of the reception then you’ll need to plan a full day. If you have a ceremony then a reception for a couple of hours 5 to 7 hours may cover it. For fashion lines and other types of shoots we can discuss full day or half day rates.

If the wedding is larger or more complex a second photographer becomes the logical choice. As weddings are celebratory and often spontaneous, truly memorable events may happen simultaneously at different locations. The 2nd photographer offers not only another perspective, but a more comprehensive coverage. Having said this, most weddings we shoot are simple enough affairs where all gather to celebrate in one room in which case one photographer should be enough.

As might be expected, our art is very sought after and we book up fast. Check with us about your date and we’ll let you know. If your date is available then be sure to book as soon as possible to avoid losing your date. Please click on the “Contact Us” link and quickly fill in the form or call Jon at +1-801-907-5031.

Yes we do. We do fashion and product lines, fashion portfolios, boudoir, family, engagement, children’s, events or parties for both personal or for business. Please contact Jessica Jane studios for rates.

We strongly encourage a personal meeting at the studio to meet your photographer. Please call our studio manager at our Salt Lake studio to schedule an appointment. For our international clients: please call the studio and we will arrange a phone/skype/video interview with your photographer.

Don’t stress about choosing locations! We prefer to chat with you beforehand to get a feel for what style and location types you like. Together we will then choose the locations that best fits your vision!

We recommend that you print your photos through our professional print lab. We have spent many hours calibrating our colors to specific print labs so they stay true to the art you expect. We have them adjust their computers and machines until it’s perfect. The danger of printing them at another printer is that the colors will not look the same as they haven’t calibrated with us. Places like Wal-Mart, Smiths, Walgreens or Target are such low quality that you’ll ultimately be disappointed.

We ask for you to please leave your parents, grandparents, cousins, and best friends at home. To ensure we get the best photos of you, it’s best to have you and the photographer only. That way you can connect with your photographer with no distractions. Bringing along friends and family usually make you more self conscious which can make your pictures look stiff and unnatural. Bridals shoots are the only exception to this, as you will usually need someone to help with your dress, hair and makeup.