Film is my first true love. Whenever I shoot film I always feel it is the truest form of my photography and I always end up loving it the most!

Something that I have always loved about photography is how it can take an ordinary situation and make it look extraordinary.
I have always found that the magic lies within the tool that is placed in your hand, not within the situation you have been given. Often times I will do a shoot in a not-so-photogenic area, but with the right imagination, all you really need is a light source to make something or someone shine!

How my passion started…

Whitney Kofford Photographer Salt Lake CityWhen I was 15 I picked up my dad’s old 35mm film camera from Jr. High for the very first time. I was in a high school photography class. I shot my first black and white roll with some basic knowledge of exposure from my dad.

The next day I took my film to class, developed it, and began printing in the dark room. The first time I made a print, it was a photo of my two little sisters and the neighbors’ baby. When I first saw the photo magically appearing on the paper in the developer I was HOOKED! I could not believe that such an ordinary moment in an ordinary day could have so much feeling. It was in that photo class that I decided that I wanted to be a photographer. That was it. I made up my mind, and it’s never changed since.

I adapt well to situations, have a dorky and relatable personality, and am a highly efficient photographer

I have a few things I feel make me unique as a photographer. First is my ability to adapt. When I am shooting weddings and bridals I always have an underlying tone of romance, but if I am shooting a fashion line I can turn that off. If someone tells me they want a moody shoot I can give them all sorts of mood. At the same time, if someone says they love a whimsical look, I can do that too!

Second is my happy go lucky personality. That may sound cheesy, but I’m a major dork, which apparently makes me relatable! And third is my ability to make each shoot efficient. I will always make sure we get the most out of the time that we have together!

I am inspired by everything from the essence and feeling of a shoot and nature to my family and friends

I have always tried to shy away from using other photographers as inspiration. I always rely on the inspiration of texture, color, tone, or feeling when I am on a photoshoot. Any time I shoot black and white film, I find a lot of inspiration from the texture of the ground, the texture the light is making on rippling water, or the tone of the sky.

When I am shooting color film, I find a lot of inspiration in colors, like the color of the sunset, or the color of flowers. When I am shooting digital, I find inspiration in a feeling. Do I want my photos to evoke a feeling or romance, a fleeting moment, or a feeling of comfort?

I wouldn’t say I can pinpoint one specific thing that brings me inspiration because my brain is never turned off to it.  Inspiration for me is in everyday moments. Whether I’m on a hike, walking through a garden, inside of someone’s home, or sharing a special moment with my husband!

I have always found that the magic lies within the tool that is placed in your hand, not within the situation you have been given.


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