Rebekah and Trevor Wedding day- Washington, D.C.

First time in D.C…. I absolutely loved it. What gorgeous states we passed through. And the temple! The most beautiful temple i have ever seen. You come over this hill and almost crash looking up at it because its such a breathtaking view.

Also let’s talk about Rebekah’s dress. full beaded. unreal. probably one of my all time favorite wedding gowns.

After the temple we went to Rebekah’s parents home for the reception. It was a beautiful mansion on a huge plot of green land. My dream home….

Rebekah and all her gorgeous sisters were so funny, one of them made up a rap song about how Rebekah and Trevor met it was hysterical!

Anyways the trip was so beautiful but so short, so now I have to go back just to be able to explore!


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