Morgan and Dan Wedding | This is the Place Heritage Park | SLC, Utah

This couple is nuts. in the best of ways. I just laugh the whole time I’m shooting them. They go from being insane and goofy and hilarious to seriously sexy faces in a split second. They have mad skill.

The wedding was beautiful. They chose the coolest location for the ceremony, I’ve never seen someone use that little old house and orchard before, it was so quaint and pretty.

The made everything, it was all DIY which i find very impressive when brides do that these days. The reception was alot of fun, delicious food, and and insane dance party. There were a lot of dance pics that were a little too cray cray (you guys know what ones I’m talking about haha)

Morgan and Dan I loved shooting you, i hope you have babies soon so we can shoot more!! haha



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