Kara and Andrew engagements |The Montage| Deer Valley, Utah


We shot at The Montage hotel in Deer Valley which is such a different location than any I’ve ever shot engagements at! It totally matched Kara and Andrew’s vibe. Kara was Ms. Utah and is the smartest girl I’ve ever met in my life. They both have insane amazing futures ahead of them, and I definitely think these pictures reflect that. They look almost regal, which is totally what I was going for as we were shooting.

Kara and I were on the drill team and dance company together in high school. I used to be scared of her my first year cuz she was very strict and super good haha, then we became friends and I realized that she’s just a freak of nature like everyone else haha. Andrew also went to our high school, I had a math class with him and thought he was the funniest boy. He also got the best grades which I was always jealous of. Cuz of course i failed math -_-

anyways I freaking love this couple and I’m so glad they’re getting married!!

enjoy 🙂


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