Denisa and Marius Romanian Wedding! | Windsor, Ontario| Canada

Oh man, where to begin with this wedding!

I shot this wedding in Windsor, Ontario which is right across the river from Detroit, Michigan. It was a massive Romanian wedding where 90% of everyone there spoke only Romanian so I had absolutely no idea what was happening haha.  But oh man were the people nice. Canadians are the nicest people I’ve ever met. My mom is Canadian and I just love all of them. I LOVE CANADA!

The second I got there Denisa, the bride, drove me around with her everywhere. She has so many things to do haha. We went to pick up her dress, went lingerie shopping, checked on her family making all the desserts, looked at locations for pictures etc, by the time we got to the house it was midnight. Then Denisa woke up at 1am to start getting ready because she wanted pictures at sunrise! So I woke up at 2am and started shooting her getting ready. Craziest thing I’ve ever done. haha

We shot their formals at super pretty park, Marius the groom FREAKED when he saw her for the first time it was so cute…

The traditions at Romanian weddings are so cool. Their ceremony was about 3 1/2 hours long! And I didn’t understand one word of it! haha but it was beautiful. Their youth choir was unreal. every time they sang I got major chills..

The receptions for them are sit down dinners and literally everyone that knows them somehow through the grapevine comes. There must have been 600 plus people there at the dinner. And its tradition for the bride and groom to get a picture with every couple or family that came. So that was new for me haha. Then after the dinner they are done! So our day ended at like 3:30pm! which was nice since we had about an hour of sleep haha.

Anyways I loved this wedding, the couple was so hilarious. I was laughing the whole time. And I swear me and Denisa were best friends in 5 seconds.

They are amazing together and so insanely in love, I know they are meant to be. xoxo


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