Now Booking Boudoir sessions for VALENTINES day gifts!

I absolutely LOVE shooting boudoir. I Love when a woman comes in and is so nervous and freaking out telling me they’re so awkward and they cant believe their doing this blah blah…. and then by the end they look and feel like  a model, like they’ve done photo shoots their whole life.!!

Anyways Its the perfect gift to give to your significant other for Valentines because with most couples your man would NEVER expect for you to do something like this. I love it!!!

I am booking the last week of December and first few weeks of January all with Boudoir shoots. I want every man to get some smoking hot pics of their women for Valentines this year!

email me ASAP at to get the pricing info and whats included etc and to reserve a spot!

Heres a few examples of some boudoir I’ve done and loved.

photocrati gallery



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