Natasha and Tanner Engagements | Park City, Utah Photographer

So I had a first with this shoot. I drove from Bountiful to the mouth of the Parleys canyon and realized I forgot my camera bag. Photographer’s worst night mare ! haha I was FREAKING out. So embarrassed. and really there was nothing to do but to turn around and get it then meet my couple almost 40 min late cuz of course its rush hour. Luckily this couple was way chill so they didn’t mind at all. phew.

We went around some pretty fields in park city, and then to main street. The light was so beautiful and the sky looked so pretty. Walking around with them just doing whatevs and being weird was perfect for their pics.

IMG_3564 IMG_3537 IMG_3505 IMG_3500 IMG_3496 IMG_3491 IMG_3473 IMG_3450 IMG_3439 IMG_3417 IMG_3400 IMG_3368 IMG_3358 IMG_3350 IMG_3371 IMG_3384 IMG_3388 IMG_3390 IMG_3442 IMG_3459 IMG_3464 IMG_3466 IMG_3479 IMG_3589 IMG_3611 IMG_3616 IMG_3621 IMG_3632 IMG_3666 IMG_3676 IMG_3680 IMG_3683 IMG_3694 IMG_3699 IMG_3708 IMG_3718 IMG_3752 IMG_3755 IMG_3769 IMG_3792 IMG_3799

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