Naomi test shoot | Los Angeles, California

We went down to California to shoot for Albion Fit and decided to go ahead and do a creative model test shoot while we were there.  Vivian Make Up Artist agreed to come on the shoot with me.  She did so much more than make up that trip!  I wouldn’t have been able to pull this shoot off without her help between driving us all over, making sure I didn’t fall over a cliff seeing as I was super pregnant on the top of a very scary cliff over the ocean.

So I always have a vision in my head of what I want a shoot to look like including the clothing. I first wanted to do a bridal feel and then a more fashion feel.  I brought some clothing with me but when I arrived this amazingly beautiful model Naomi from Newmark Model Mgnt was so petite none of the clothes I brought fit!  After a few seconds of panic I rushed over to a local store and bought some clothes off their clearance racks that I made into some cool outfits.

After the hair and makeup was finished we headed off to the beaches, which were way farther away than we thought and we already didn’t have as much time in the sun as we wanted.  Add to that the crazy clothing search and we were in danger of not having the sunset that I wanted.  We had a few minutes of sunset then it was gone over the horizon.  As seems to happen so often the potential disaster turned into something beautiful.  With the sun down the light was  really unique and pink which was gorgeous with the sequins and the color of the water.. I was pretty happy with the end result

hair and makeup cred-

IMG_9086 IMG_9097 IMG_9108 IMG_9125
IMG_9216 IMG_9222 IMG_9232 IMG_9234 IMG_9242

IMG_9214IMG_9254 IMG_9266 IMG_9280 IMG_9281 IMG_9282 IMG_9284 IMG_9291 IMG_9294 IMG_9301 IMG_9303 IMG_9308 IMG_9311 IMG_9348 IMG_9400

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