Jordan Christiansen Senior Pictures | Salt Lake City Utah | Amanda

Is it pathetic to admit that high school was one of my favorite times of my life? Well, regardless if its lame to admit that or not-it was. My senior year especially. I was involved in choir, theater, stage crew…all the nerdy, socially awkward things a girl can do in high school (that and being an avid member of the Nintendo64 club. Don’t ever challenge me at Mario Kart unless you want to lose). One of the biggest things I regret about my senior year however, is not taking senior pictures. I mean, my mom took me down the street in my Madrigal jacket and snapped a few against a rock wall-but I’ve always wished I had actual photos of me during that time of my life. Now that I’m almost 24, have a one year old and work full time, it would be nice to look back at cute pictures of me when I was 18 with long, pretty hair, cute new clothes and didn’t have a care in the world. I think that’s the reason why I love taking senior pictures so much. It’s so fun for me to see all these cute kids getting ready to transition out of high school into all the exciting things ahead of them. It’s even more fun when I have seniors as cute as Jordan. Pretty in pink and the easiest person to shoot. You would never guess we had absolutely terrible wind and rain the day we shot these-because this girl absolutely rocked it.



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