Jessica Janae Studios Seminar | April 18, 2015 | Utah


Saturday April 18, 2015


Guys!! Im so excited about this 2015 Seminar!

Guys! Im so excited to announce our first seminar of 2015—A Walk With Light.  We’ve struggled with what to teach because, let’s face it, Utah has had an explosion of photography seminars and workshops lately.  However, I know that there is still a real desire for professional photographers to learn skills that will give them an edge.  There’s a reason some pick up a camera and create art and others simply capture a picture.  We have become known around the globe for our unique use of light and the ability to capture images that are striking and memorable.  We want your experience to be beyond what you’ve experienced up to this point.

The single most important aspect of photography is light. Without light, the photograph would not exist. In this seminar, our goal is to bring confidence to each and every photographer in any lighting situation. Sometimes our photography takes us to places and spaces with less than ideal lighting conditions. Other times we find ourselves in perfect light that when used correctly, could produce an image that will literally take your breath away! Whatever the solution is to these circumstances, we will creatively help you find it!

We also want to show you how we approach each shoot by scoping out every aspect of lighting in that location. See through our eyes, as we find different little pockets of light that to most people would seem impossible to shoot, but then we use that light to tell a story. Story telling will change your entire shoot, and doing it with light will make it magic. Through observing, photographing, and hanging out with us, we know you will walk away feeling excited for all of your upcoming photo endeavors.

We wanted this seminar to be more than just a photography class. We want the whole day to be an experience for both the students and the teachers. So I got you guys some amaze special guests, Maskcara, Cara Loren and Makenna Alyse as well as Liz Findlay, owner and founder of Albion Fit. One of our favorite food stops, The Pizza Studio, will be providing lunch and there will be giveaways from Albion fit and more! woo!

The day will start in our beautiful natural light studio in downtown Salt Lake. We will chat, shoot, chat some more, maybs eat a lot, and learn a bunch of sick tricks ETC! We will then head to three different locations that will each have unique lighting, and each tell a story of its own. Cara Loren, Makenna Alyse, and her handsome husband will be modeling, as well as a few more gorgeous peeps that you’ll all die over and all get the chance to shoot. The day will end with dinner, and hanging out together at a fun place in Park City!

What we will cover:

  • – Mastering your manual shooting in each lighting situation for best in-camera results and less post processing
  • – Backlight, full sun, open shade and Jessica’s signature unconventional lighting
  • – How to diffuse and bounce light
  • – How to shoot indoors with natural light and without
  • – How to use your on camera flash and still pickup ambient light
  • – Fool proof family photo lighting at weddings
  • – How to get crazy creative with your light!!

We want you to come with a lot of questions because we love to answer them! Please soak up any information from us that you can. We want to let loose and just have a good time for the day and get creative together!

Cost for the day is $550.00 and the first 10 people to sign up will receive $100 off! You can reserve a spot on our site by putting down a $100 retainer payment Make sure you sign up fast because our seminars tend to fill up quickly!

We can’t wait to meet everybody!

Jessica, Jon, Whitney, and Chris

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