7/30/14: We are announcing our Business Seminar and Jessica Janae Insider Secrets Seminar this morning on our KUTV Segment.  Please click below to request information:


6/12/2014: This Morning we had the chance to present some tips with “The Twins” over at KUTV Brittany and Brooke Graham on their segment, “Twin Tested”. Last month we collaborated on this segment wanting to give useful tips to beginners and pro photographers alike with some simple do’s and dont’s. We had such a fun time with them on this project and hope you photographers out there find some use in these. Check out their blog post on this project! http://twintestedblog.com/twin-tested-photography-tips-from-the-pros/


We are so excited to have taken second place in the “bride and groom stand alone” category, and third place in the “advertising/fashion” category for the 2013 WPPI competition. This is our first entry into WPPI and we are extremely grateful for all of the wonderful feedback that we received from the judges! IMG_2820badge IMG_8055

Fashion Affair Magazine Spring 2014

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Ugly Magazine Winter issue 2013

  Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 9.19.29 PM Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 9.20.03 PM                                 TESTIMONIALS  “In a time where my life was in utter chaos, Jessica was able to capture what I now can look back and see as my forever reminder as a picture of strength and love. With just one picture, this honestly could have been the last touch, last kiss, last moment I could have had with my now husband. The person who I had built a life with, given my heart to, and dedicated my every waking moment to was leaving to Afghanistan. Before booking Jessica, I was not quite sure if I would hire her just because of how real, how RAW these pictures would be to me and to the rest who would ever see them. I could not be more happy of the decision I made to, in that moment, introduce Jessica into my family. When Jessica came, I was an utter mess; I was so sad because I knew I was going to have to say goodbye to the love of my life, possible until seeing him in my next lifetime. Jessica was able to capture pictures of moments I had not even seen happen that day and for that, I will always be forever grateful. To a woman who handled my situation with such class, such sincerity, I can forever say that my heart and my LIFE Jessica, I wish you every life’s happiness and prosperity and know your life will take you so far! I raise my glass to you Jess, congratulations!!” Emily S. “Each piece of yours is effortless & deep, euphoric even. Capturing life the way we wish we all could; taking us to a different place, a different state of mind.” “This girl could have been wearing a Walmart design and Jessica would still give a timeless and classy composition.” “This may be just a great shot to some people but just like a famous book of literature can change the way people look and think about the world so can a simple photograph. Sure, there are lots of photos that present a pretty face but I look through your photos and I see a pretty face, I also see things that are sooo gritty and raw that it seems as if you had pulled the emotion out of someone’s heart and painted it into a photo.”