Makenna Fashion Shoot| Jessica Janae Studios SLC | Fashion photographer

We shot these months ago. For Makenna’s BDAY. Finally got around to finishing them

We have kind of a lot of fun shooting.. a few days before we send inspiration pics back and forth. Then Makenna brings a laundry basket full of a zillion clothes to the shoot, we throw things on and get real.

The amazing makeup was done by Jade of Kissable Complexions
2014-09-17_0005fashion shoot slc

2014-09-17_0006 2014-09-17_0007 2014-09-17_0008 2014-09-17_0009 2014-09-17_0010 2014-09-17_0011 2014-09-17_0012 2014-09-17_0013 2014-09-17_0014

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