Lost in the desert- Fashion shoot with Amber Fillerup Clark

We may or may not have almost driven to Wendover accidentally for this shoot.. So when I say “lost in the desert” I’m not just trying to sound all cool and artsy haha.

This day of shooting was among the best EVER. We just shoot together so effortlessly. I love when that happens with a model, just totally thinking the same thing. Amber is unreal gorgeous and can literally wear anything. Love this chick so much already and I’ve only met her once. She is doing a giveaway on her blog today for the shoes and necklace from this shoot so hop on over there and check it out!



3 thoughts on “Lost in the desert- Fashion shoot with Amber Fillerup Clark

  1. Junrey says:

    Amazing photo.The black and white is the best. In color her front hair (don’t know the correct word) looks a ltitle blueish to me, might be my screen, and the colored shirt irritates my eye.

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