Albion Fit Winter Lookbook | Sundance Resort Utah | Jessica Janae

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This fashion photo shoot for Albion’s Lookbook took place at the one and only Sundance Resort. I’ve worked at Sundance as a wedding photographer many times so I knew the place well but had mostly been there in the summer. So, as a fashion photographer I look for a photographic theme to run with and being at Sundance snow seemed the most obvious. Unfortunately there was very little snow on the ground at the time. I wanted to capture a “wintery” look but without snow it’s hard to do even though it was so freezing cold we about laid down and died right there haha. But I think we pulled it off ok right? I mean look at those beautiful humans good grief we could shoot in a pile of dirt and they’d make it look good!

Everything was shot as natural light photography with my Canon 5D Mark III, 35mm lens, 50mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.8. I had to shoot at a pretty low f stop the whole time because in the winter, and up in these mountains, it gets dark way before you think it should get dark! So I had to bring a lot of light back in in post processing! I used mainly 2 of my presets,”indie” and “stone” from my new preset pack, “The Manic Pack” to edit these photos. So go check those out as well! enjoy xoxo
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