Albion Fit swim wear fashion shoot- San Diego, California

I’ve been out of town so much lately it all just has blurred into one trip. I went to Cali for 4 days first to shoot Albion’s new swimwear line. I am in LOVE with their swimsuits. They’re the sturdiest best quality swimsuits I’ve ever seen, and they suck absolutely everything in haha. One suit would last you a lifetime.

I got home from Cali and left a day and a half later to Vegas for 6 days for WPPI and for some killer shoots with ever so lovely Maskcara 🙂

I got home from Vegas, had a photo shoot then left the next day to Idaho to shoot a wedding. Needless to say I am extremely excited to have my baby so I can lay in the hospital for a coupe of days at least haha.

Here are some of my fave shots from the Albion shoot!

hair and makeup by my fave Vivian-


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