Albion Fit Fall Lookbook | Glacier National Park | Alberta, Canada

This shoot took place in Alberta, Canada, Glacier National Park, and high up in the Rocky mountains in Utah. Some of these places are the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. Canada is out of this world gorgeous and if its not already on your bucket list, it should be !!!

Also you may not recognize this first little model, that cuz its my perfect, tiny, dancer sister in law who is an amazing Ballerina. She’s also the most flexible person I’ve ever met. So shooting her in these fitness clothes was bomb.

Alberta is where my mom grew up, so every summer we go back to visit my grandparents who live on a tiny little farm there in the middle of nowhere. It’s so beautiful. These yellow canola fields are EVERYWHERE. Just wide open for miles, it looks like the land of OZ. And the sky is so big it hurts your eyes…. man i love Canada…


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