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Hey guys!! This week I wanted to just you take along on a family shoot I did recently so you can see what the little daily shoots look like! We haven’t done just a behind the scenes video of a shoot in a while so I thought it would be kewl whip. This shoot was at Antelope Island with the most stunning family. The sky was super moody that day which I have actually been loving lately.

A regular family shoot goes like this: right after the family books we start chatting about locations. a few weeks later I have them send me the outfits they’re thinking of wearing and I give suggestions. One week before we finalize the exact time and spot to meet. The day of I usually get multiple texts from the mom stressing and confirming everything and asking about her outfit haha. I arrive to the shoot and meet the fam. I always chat with the kids for a while. I learn their names and ages and just walk along with them getting them super comfy with me. And then the shooting chasing madness  begins! Family shoots with kids usually last an hour tops. These kids were awesome and hung in there for almost an hour and a half! We shot right up until it was completely dark. The sun was bright red… You can even shoot after dark the trick is you face your subject where the sun just went down and raise that ISO!

Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think, let us know if you have questions, or give suggestions for future videos and let us know what you want to see next!!!!



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