Rachel+Nico | Park City engagement shoot | Amanda

This engagement Session was definitely a lesson in “just winging it”. When I first started talking to Rachel about her engagements we had set a certain place to meet up by Park City and everything was squared away and set….Until I show up to the location and it doesn’t look anything like it did a week earlier. So what did we do? Met up in the Whole Foods parking lot, hopped in Nico’s car and headed up to Deer Valley to just “find” a location. Wanna guess who was sweating bullets at this point? Yep. Me. We literally drove up a mountain in deer valley, pulled off to the side of the road, went on a hike (them in all of their nice, expensive clothes) and shot on the side of a mountain. For just “winging” it and pulling off the side of the road in Deer Valley-I think we did a pretty good job. It also doesn’t hurt anything that they’re both absolutely beautiful. I love working with Clients that are up for anything and so fun to shoot in crazy situations. Rachel and Nico are defiantly those clients.


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