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My beautiful little friend Makenna is getting married and its blowing my mind!!! I love this girl a lot. Never thought there would come a day that she found someone good enough for her. But oh man she did. Aaron is PERFECT for her. The first day I met him I left knowing they would get married someday. It was a little sooner than I thought haha

Aaron is from England so he has the most gorgeous accent and knows how to dress 🙂 Makenna is of course stunning, and has been my use for 4 years. So them together is just ridiculous.

We drove 2 hours to get to this location and Im sooooo glad we did. It was so gorgeous. there was a crazy thunder storm happening behind them the entire time. We lucked out cuz it stayed just the right distance from us. it made the sky look pretty amazing though.

My second shooter was Whitney Kofford, our new photographer So some of these images were shot by her as well. I bet you cant tell who shot what right? good thats the point 🙂 she’s awesome

Makenna’s dress is from Nordstrom and Aaron’s sick custom suit is from

Makenna’s Hair and makeup was done by my fave

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