Brielle and Jess engagements | Salt Lake City, UT |Whitney

Hey! it’s Whitney! the new photog here at Jessica Janae Photography. It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t a little nervous for this shoot.  It was my very first time shooting for Jessica Janae and also the client was expecting Jessica herself.  Due to the fact that Jessica was in the hospital about to have her baby, some plans changed.  The were (luckily) stuck with me 🙂 

It was a cloudy and blustery day outside.  It seemed everyone was a little nervous about the conditions.  After the lovely Briellle was finished with hair and makeup we just jumped right in.  We started shooting on the edge of a rooftop, climbed a rickety, old ladder, and let the wind do its thing.  It was an adventure to say the least.  Brielle and Jess were up for anything.  Three minutes into shooting I could already tell we were going to have some serious fun.  Give me clients who will scale a wall, brave a windstorm, and do it all in a vintage dress and suspenders and I’m a happy girl!  I truly had so much fun meeting and photographing Brielle and Jess. Now let’s just say what we are all thinking…. she’s gorgeous!

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