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For todays tip I wanted to share a little tidbit that I shared at my “Posing and Interacting with your Clients” Seminar last year!

The top 6 poses that I do almost every single time I shoot a couple!

They’re fool proof, you can do lots of variations of each, and they work on couples that are the same height and super different heights. And each couple is unique so each pose will look different every single time!

1. Traditional announcement pose. Every couple needs the traditional smiling shot with the girls hand on the boys chest. If you don’t get this the parents will come after you! haha

10 couples poses | Jessica Janae | top wedding photographer

top couple poses | Jessica Janae | top wedding photographer

2. The wrap pose! The girl in front and the guy wrapping his arms around her from behind. Have him wrap his arms around her right above or on her chest, trust me its not as weird as it sounds. Just as long as his hands aren’t on her lower stomach cuz it could look like she’s pregnant ! haha They can both look at the camera, then the girl looking down and guy looking at you, guy kissing her neck etc etc etc.



3. The hand kiss! I love doing this cheesy pose. It always makes the couples laugh and is so sweet.

10 couples poses | Jessica Janae | top wedding photographer

CO1A27964. the “Tilt the chin up” pose. This one is always just swoon worthy. Have the boy tilt the girls chin up with his fingers and get in super close for a kiss. You can capture the boys face looking down at the girl and its a killer every time!

10 couples poses | Jessica Janae | top wedding photographer

top 10 couple poses

5. The Spin pose! Toward the end of every shoot I have the couple do some sort of spin or dance or lift etc. Just have the guy grab her and swiftly spin her around. They cant help but smile and the girls hair always flies and its just magic!

10 couples poses | Jessica Janae | top wedding photographertop couple poses | salt lake city utah photographer
6. The forehead kiss. The moms always love these shots haha. I always try to capture the light in between their faces to add another element to the picture, to make it dreamy…. Have your couple get close and snuggly and the both close their eyes, the girl needs to tilt her head down a bit, then the guy goes in slowly to kiss her forehead. Sometimes the “before kiss” is my favorite part.

10 couples poses | Jessica Janae | top wedding photographer

top wedding photographer | couple poses
So thats it for now! hope that gave you guys some ideas to do every couples shoot! Right now we are actually in the process of planning our next seminar which will have a lot to do with posting and interacting. its gonna be a good one so look forward to info on that!!

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