Monday Tip| Editing Time Lapse | Jessica Janae

Hey guys! So this week for Monday’s tip, I wanted to give a little peek of what my editing process looks like, for beauty shots in particular. This was for a shoot with Maskcara Cosmetics about a month ago for her makeup line! Do yourself a favor and go check it out.

The model, Madison, is already so perfectly stunning that I thought she’d be fab for this video. Because she obviously doesn’t need anything done to her. She one of the prettiest people I’ve ever seen. So I had to exaggerate this editing video for the purpose of showing you guys what can be done, not because she needs it! In reality I’d actually probably do a tiny bit less than what I did!

So this type if edit is what I do for close up beauty shots, close up fashion shots and close up bridal shots. When the picture is more full body the editing is less extensive on the face. Also, this editing process is what I do for photos that will be published online, and printed for receptions or portfolios etc. If the picture will be in print for a magazine I will do a much longer process with the skin.

So for the smoothing of the skin I use spot healing brush, healing brush and the dodge tool. I dont use gaussian blur or any other type of blur. Thats my biggest tip is to not just blur over the entire skin surface.

Next month I will be selling editing tutorial videos on my website! I did an editing seminar which was awesome but there were so many people out of state that couldn’t come that I thought videos would be so much easier for everyone to access!

I will also be selling my light room presets along with the videos so you can follow along!

Anyways, I love sped up editing videos and have wanted to do one for a while now cuz you always end up shocked in the end haha.

I hope you guys enjoyed it! Leave a comment below and let me know what you guys would like to see for these Monday Tips! I’m excited about these videos and have a lot of them planned that I’m excited to share with you!!!



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