Jessica Janae Photography | Monday Tip | City Locations and Lighting

Hey everyone! Today’s tip is about shooting outdoors on location.

When I am shooting on location, especially in the city I focus on finding the light and then placing my subjects in it. instead of thinking about the subject and background first I look around and find the best pockets of light around the spot we’re at. And light streak on the ground, across the wall or through the trees i take note of and then throw my subject right in.

Don’t be afraid of shooting in direct sunlight or even side light like in the video, as long as you expose for their skin it will turn out amazing! Once get over the fear of shooting in direct sunlight front or back lit it will change your photography. Light gives your pictures a magical vibe you can get in no other way. Get out of the safe shadows. Especially in city type locations when you want it to look cool and edgy. Shade will just make it look blah if you stay there the entire time!

As always let us know what you think! Please comment below with any future video ideas, things you want to learn in the future, and questions!!




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