Jessica Janae Photography Backstage Pass | Meet Whitney




Snapchat: whitneykofford (she’s hilarious you won’t regret it)

Hey guys! This weeks Backstage Pass video is all about Whitney, the other photographer on the Jessica Janae Photography team!!! I really wanted you guys to get to know her a bit more! She graduated from Utah State with a photography degree and just before joining the Jessica Janae team she was shooting photography in LA (the big leagues). I was drawn to her work instantly. She is so talented, and really knows her stuff. She teaches me something every time I’m with her. She’s also a wizard with film photography! She can shoot film at any shoot if you request it and you will not regret it, it always looks flawless. On top of being extremely talented she is also the most hilarious person on earth. She cracks up every client and makes everyone feel relaxed because she’s so chill!

So I also wanted to include one of Whitney’s film photos, just so you guys can see some of her amazing work even though some of you may have already seen it on Instagram! It’s just so unreal I had to post it here also. Seriously go follow her instagram and check out more of her stuff!


Hope you guys enjoy the video! Let me know what you think, and as always let me know if you have ideas for future videos!



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