Jessica Janae Photography Backstage Pass | Day in the Life

Hey guys it’s Dayna!! This week we thought it would be fun for you guys to see what goes on with Jess and I on a daily basis! It is just chaos all the time but somehow we manage to get through the day and have so much fun.

Here’s kind of what a normal day looks like for us. I get over to Jess’s house around 9 or 10… Or 11… 😉 And we go over what we need to get done that day. Most the time Jess has made me a beautiful (and long) to do list haha. Jess attempts to edit while her insane(ly cute) kiddos run rampant. We work through emails and talk with clients, which is usually interrupted by errands that need to be run and children that need to be fed. That’s pretty much our day, and then if there’s a shoot in the evening we get all the equipment packed up and ready to go and hop in the car! I love going on shoots with Jess. I always learn a thousand million things. Then when the shoot’s over we pretty much always stop for food because we’re starving… And because food. So yeah!!! That is our life!

Hope you guys enjoyed the video, come back next week for more insanity!!!


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