Jessica Janae Photography | Backstage Pass | 20 Minutes of Editing Madness

A lot of people ask me how I balance my life and how I do it with all the editing.

Welp. most of the time I don’t have an answer. Balance is something Im figuring out little by little. I just MAKE IT WORK. unfortunately we cant afford for me to stop working. And we cant afford for my husband to stop working and we cant afford a full time nanny, and I want to simultaneously be a stay at home mom and full time photographer! SOOOOOO yeah. most days it looks like this. haha

But heres the thing. I think I thrive on craziness without even realizing it. My life has always been crazy since forever. Im always doing a billion different things and always working to be the best at something.

This video right here is why when you ask me for just a quick sneak peek of your pictures I say NOOOOOOO. Within the time this video took place I touched up 2 pictures on photoshop. I had already downloaded them off my camera, culled them and lightroom edited them the night before. Editing takes me a LONGGGGGG time. Cuz Im an editing perfectionist.

Willa can sense when I sit down in my office to edit I swear. hahaha She can feel it and instantly goes into whiny, mad ,sad, need to be up on mom, and glued to mom and helping mom -mode. My office doors have glass so that when I do close them I can still see through. their play room is right next to me so I can see and hear everything. But after about 2 minutes of the door being closed Willa stands on the outside with her face smashed against the glass screaming her heart out for momma. And I cannot stand it. I feel like the worlds worst mom. So I always cave and open it up. Always thinking this time she will just sit next to me and play hahaha…

So here is the breakdown.

I am a full time photographer.

I am a stay at home mom.

I have a shoot about 4-5 times a week. In the summers just about every day.

I travel a lot.

I have a nanny twice a week for 4-5 hours who is amazing and watches the girls at her house so I can strictly edit.

I need at least 20 hours of editing a week. So most my editing is done after the girls go to bed. so from about 1030pm-230pm. But some days I have to do this in the morning for 1-2 hours which is the hell editing time.

I just hired a personal assistant who is 3-4 times a week does whatever I need.

My husband and I don’t see a lot of each other during the week. But we try once a week to have a date night whatever day works with our schedules.

So its just madness all the time and we’ve gotten used to it! But our kids are happy, they love life. Im with them a lot and thats all that matters!!




One thought on “Jessica Janae Photography | Backstage Pass | 20 Minutes of Editing Madness

  1. Torrie says:

    I love these little backstage pass things you do, and I especially love this one. I’m about to head back to work for the first time since having my daughter, and I’m pretty nervous about the idea of having “balance,” so I appreciate seeing other women I admire who make the craziness work. Eventually, I’d like to take my “side photography thing” to a full-time business, but now is not the season for that in my life. However, for when that does happen, know that someone out there appreciates you giving an honest glimpse into how you make it all work!

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