Tessa + Cole | Couple shoot | SLC apartment

I love these people a bit. They could probably be the most cocky humans on the earth if they wanted cuz I mean, look at them. But they’re not even one bit. they’re just 100% chill and down with whatevs. And bless Coles heart for being so awesome all the bloody time. Usually its like pulling teeth for me to try and get the guy to do anything slightly different or sexy haha!

So I heard a quote the other day that made me instantly think of Tessa. It sums them both up perfectly actually. Theres no one else in the world that I know that fits this quote besides them.

“Not only did I love her,

But I could tell the universe Loved her too.

More than others.

She was different.

After all; I would be a fool not to notice

the way sunshine played with her hair.”

xo Jessica


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