Tessa + Cole couple shoot at the farmer's market

“my chick bad

my chick hood

my chick do stuff

that your chick wish she could.”

no big, thats just the first thing that popped into my head whilst deciding what to say for this post.

I’ve always wanted to do a shoot at the farmer’s market in SLC..

Tessa is my homie. I love her to death. And I never thought she would find a guy as rad as her. but low and behold… there was Cole. look at that dreamy face! come on you two! give me a break!

xoxo love you guys. this shoot was so fun and chill…

4 thoughts on “Tessa + Cole couple shoot at the farmer's market

  1. KATE GRIFFIN says:

    I am a lil obsessed with your photography. And yes I realize you get this 24/7 but how much would it cost to do session like you did for Cole & Tessa at the farmers market?


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