Megan and Greg engagements! | Park City, Utah photographer | Amanda

This beautiful couple is now married! Megan and Greg are probably some of my favorite people. From the moment I met them up in Park City I knew I was going to love this shoot. Little did I know I would love this shoot AND them. If we photographers play our cards right, we usually end up getting comments from couples at the end of shoots about how lucky they were to end up with such cool photographer. I ended up being the lucky one on this shoot, however. I had had a spray tan go horribly wrong  an hour before I met them to shoot and I looked like an Oompa Loompa in the flesh. So like I said, it’s a good thing they were so cool. I don’t know many other people that would’ve handled being bossed around main Street in Park city by a 6 foot tall orange woman while everyone watched, better than these two. We had SO much fun. From crazy mountain hikes to dancing in streets- even meeting random local strangers that stopped to talk to them for 10 minutes about how beautiful they were. So, in honor of these cute kids getting married I present to you the cutest engagements ever. Enjoy!

IMG_0983-Edit IMG_1018-Edit IMG_1034-Edit IMG_1040-Edit IMG_1050-Edit IMG_1067-Edit IMG_1088 IMG_1114 IMG_1116-Edit IMG_1135-Edit IMG_1154-Edit IMG_1160-Edit IMG_1170-Edit IMG_1185 IMG_1187-Edit IMG_1212 IMG_1234-Edit IMG_1243 IMG_1257 IMG_1267 IMG_1325 IMG_1333-Edit IMG_1355 IMG_1398 IMG_1424-Edit IMG_1434 IMG_1473 IMG_1484 IMG_1492-Edit IMG_1500 IMG_1520-Edit IMG_1547-Edit IMG_1603-Edit IMG_1692 IMG_1711 IMG_1719-Edit

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