Makenna and Aaron Valentines Shoot | Salt Lake City, UT

When Makenna asked me to do a Valentines shoot of her and her husband, there was absolutely no way that I could say no!  Obviously Makenna is over-the-top gorgeous and Aaron is quite dapper, but they are also incredibly hilarious and seriously fun!  I have recently got to know Makenna and pretty much can’t stop laughing every time I am with her!

We wanted the perfect feeling for this shoot, so Makenna wrote a love letter to Aaron to start things off right.  Once he read the letter and we had an incredible feeling of love in the air, we went from there.  I took a lot of my inspiration from Elizabeth Messina, who is the most incredibly talented wedding and love photographer, so I decided that I needed to shoot with film too.  This shoot was actually photographed with three different cameras and that is why a lot of the images have different looks to them.  I used my Hasselblad 500c to shoot some grainy and moody black and whites, Jessica’s Contax 645 for some color (my first time shooting with one FYI), and of course my Mark iii just in case I messed something up.  Getting film back from the lab is literally like Christmas.  I actually squealed when I got the email!

If there are some photographers out there that are looking at this, have never shot film, and are curious as to the benefits, let me do a little explaining as to the magic in the grain.  Not only does film create a beautiful and timeless look to a photograph, but it also creates a mindset within the photographer as they execute the photo.  Often times when shooting digital we get lazy.  We find ourselves over shooting to make sure we get “the shot”, but shooting film is a means to slow down and THINK.  When using film you quite literally have to wait for the moment.  There is no making sure you get it.  There is only getting it.  You have to stop, watch, wait…wait… wait… and when the time is right, CLICK.  Once the click is through, you forever have a tangible piece of history, a one-time moment captured on a little film negative.  Forever and ever.

So here they are, Makenna and Aaron. You will either love these photos and want to fall in love shortly after viewing them, or crawl into bed with Ben and Jerry.  Let’s hope it’s the first option.


Makenna-and-Aaron27Makenna-and-Aaron-WEB-1 Makenna-and-Aaron2 Untitled-1WEBMakenna-and-Aaron26Makenna-and-Aaron23Makenna-and-Aaron24Makenna-and-Aaron25Makenna-and-Aaron4Makenna-and-Aaron5 Makenna-and-Aaron6 Makenna-and-Aaron7 Makenna-and-Aaron8 Makenna-and-Aaron9 Makenna-and-Aaron10 Makenna-and-Aaron12 Makenna-and-Aaron13 Makenna-and-Aaron14 Makenna-and-Aaron15 Makenna-and-Aaron16 Makenna-and-Aaron17 Makenna-and-Aaron19Makenna-and-Aaron18 Makenna-and-Aaron36
Makenna-and-Aaron21 Makenna-and-Aaron32 Makenna-and-Aaron33 Makenna-and-Aaron34 Makenna-and-Aaron35


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