Jared and Makenna Couple Shoot | downtown SLC| Jessica Janae

This was a fun stylized shoot I had been wanting to do for a while. Yes Makenna is engaged to Aaron her awesome fiance, Jared and Makenna are just my two super good friends who said yes to modeling for me 🙂 just so there is no confusion haha !

We shot these wayyyy back  in the winter I think? jeez I dont know. I cant keep up with all the fun shoots I do cuz I never get free time to edit them!

Anyways, I love the old time feel to these.. running around the city in their fancy get ups. It was a chilly day but sunny. We explored Trolly Square which is like pretty much abandoned now so it was perfect!

Vivian did the hair and makeup 🙂 http://www.vivianmakeupartist.com/


I think this first shot of Jared is one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken. It wasn’t planned.


2014-09-21_0024 2014-09-21_0025 2014-09-21_0004 2014-09-21_0005 2014-09-21_0006 2014-09-21_0007

2014-09-21_0026 2014-09-21_0027
2014-09-21_0009 2014-09-21_0010 2014-09-21_0011 2014-09-21_0012 2014-09-21_0013 2014-09-21_0014 2014-09-21_0015 2014-09-21_0016 2014-09-21_0017 2014-09-21_0018 2014-09-21_0019 2014-09-21_0020 2014-09-21_0021 2014-09-21_0022 2014-09-21_0023

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