Alex + David Engagements- National Wedding Photographer

First off, yes, they are a real couple. Hard to believe I know.

They both wanted a really simple field type location, which is was not was I was thinking for them at first, but who am I kidding? We could have taken pictures in a cardboard box and they would have turned out beautiful with these babes!

So these two have the most incredible story, I wish I could remember every detail as they told me because it was unreal. But I still must share it in a nutshell!

David is from Dubai, Alex is from Utah. David was shown a picture of Alex and he instantly knew he had to marry her. He then flew to the USA without her knowledge or ever even talking to her , to track her down and take her out. He found her, asked her out and they ended up talking for hours. At the end of the night he pretty much told her he wanted to marry her. Shortly after,  Alex flew to Dubai with him and they were engaged!!! I died when they told me. Never heard a story like it 🙂

How could you not marry someone after doing all that?


2 thoughts on “Alex + David Engagements- National Wedding Photographer

  1. Dorothy P. Janes says:

    What a GORGEOUS bride and a beautiful wedding! Her dress is stunning. She looks so beautiful. And these photos make it come to life! This only thing that makes it real is that these photos are moving… Got to love the skills of the person behind the camera…

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