Julie + JP Bridal Photo Shoot- Park City, Utah


They are perfect and I just want to put them in my pocket.

We shot these up in Park City. Her dress was custom made and just amazingly vintage looking.. I die.

heres the link to the dress designer. Her work is beautiful. http://lilybridedesignz.com/ 

14 thoughts on “Julie + JP Bridal Photo Shoot- Park City, Utah

  1. Carissa Thomas says:

    Hi Jessica,

    I’m in love with your work and am looking for a photographer for my wedding in August 2014. We are in coastal North Carolina and didn’t know if you would be able to talk with me about a possible shoot!

    Thank you 🙂


  2. Julia says:

    Beautiful photos! But I cant see the link for the dress designer 🙁 I just have to know who the designer is because this dress is perfect! 🙂

  3. Alexis says:

    Who was the designer for this dress? I see where it says “here’s the link” but I don’t actually see a link.. Great pictures!

  4. rebekah j. says:

    I stumbled on this shoot from another blog and I just adore this set of images. the energy, the playfulness, the STYLING and just overall it’s a stunning collection.

    I couldn’t find a link to the designer and I’d love to have her information!

  5. Madeline says:

    What is the link to the dress designer? I can’t find it :(. Beautiful photos by the way… Do you travel for wedding shoots?

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