Desert Bridal Shoot with Maskcara |Las Vegas, Nevada

This shoot happened a few months back and I’ve been waiting a bit to post it 🙂

I went down to Vegas to do a shoot for the amazing Cara Brooks from the blog and makeup line Maskcara.

About two hours before the shoot our model sent me a text telling me that she was on her way to the hospital so she wouldn’t be able to do the shoot. You can imagine how much I freaked out. I was all the way down in Vegas and had this model planned for weeks. So I started posting everywhere and texting everyone on the planet and finally found Sydni. She saved our butts last minute! Sydni is a showgirl in Vegas and is probably the cutest little human you ever saw.

This shoot was a styled bridal shoot where beforehand Cara did a “dont” look on the model showing what NOT to do with your wedding day makeup then a “do” look. Then we shot the full awesome shoot with the DO makeup obviously haha.  Here’s a link to Cara’s post! shot 2014-05-07 at 10.22.05 AM

We set up a little tent on a hill in the middle of a very popular tourist spot called Red Rocks State Park to get ready. We had to find a perfect spot on the first try because the park is set up with a one way road.  If you pass by a place you have to drive 20 miles back around to get to it again.  Everyone was staring at us while we were getting the model ready and keep the tent from flying away cuz of the insane wind haha.

I wanted a very rustic desert look with sage brush, cactus and red rocks.  It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been–it turned out perfect.  I have a thing for the beauty of the desert.

The whole team was there in Vegas and we had a blast. We are all such weirdo’s if you cant tell.. I brought my baby to Vegas as well. see if you can spot her in the desert haha.Untitled-1


Cara got the gorgeous dress at Free People, I made the headpiece and bouquet out of weeds we found on the side of the road haha. And thats how its done 🙂

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