Chelsea and Josh | Bridal shoot | American Fork, Utah

Oh this shoot was heavenly… We had a hard time coming up with a location, she really wanted mountains with possibly some wild flowers, but everywhere i checked out still had snow where wild flowers used to be.

So we took a chance on this location which neither of us had been to before so I was just praying that it was beautiful because it took us a long time to drive there. It exceeded my expectations, that mountain landscape with them in their formal wear was just breathtaking.

Chelsea looked like perfection, her hair and makeup doneby  IMG_1981IMG_1989IMG_2014IMG_2018IMG_2024IMG_2026IMG_2033IMG_2038IMG_2043IMG_2045IMG_2051IMG_2058IMG_2066IMG_2072IMG_2086IMG_2100IMG_2132IMG_2164IMG_2168IMG_2174IMG_2179IMG_2192IMG_2199IMG_2216IMG_2231IMG_2237IMG_2247IMG_2455IMG_2448IMG_2436IMG_2273IMG_2335IMG_2305IMG_2346IMG_2349IMG_2357IMG_2377IMG_2420IMG_2417IMG_2416

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