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I love birth story photo shoots!  I usually spend my time doing wedding photography and fashion photography so when I get a chance to take pictures of an infant it’s a treat!

Jared texted me at about 7am letting me know Amanda was at a 2. So I slowly got ready and just lounged around. Then only a half hout later he texted me again and said “she’s at an 8!!!!” so I totally panicked. I sped to the hospital and was freaking out. But as you can see I made it just in time.

It was so amazing to see my gorgeous fashionmodel + muse + friend become a mommy 🙂 She looked beautiful and so excited even though you could tell she’d been there all night waiting and waiting and contracting. Once they started pushing it literally took minutes to get him out. It was incredible to see. I cry every time I photograph a birth story, especially when its a good friend. William was born at 9:40am, was 6lbs 9ounces, and 20 inches long. A perfect little bundle. He was such a cute newborn. I couldn’t say anything but, “he is soooooooo cute!!!” He had a perfect round head and face and cute chubby lips. The sweetest part was seeing him with Amanda the first time. He completely calmed down and opened his eyes and starred into his parents faces.

I am honored to have been a part of this day with you guys. I love you!!



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