Mermaid Perfume Beauty Shoot | Jessica Janae

Whenever I see bloggers post about a beauty product I always wonder if they actually like the product or if they’re just posting about it because they got it sent to them. Mermaid is a company I’ve been wondering about, and let me tell you that I am kind of obsessed now. I did a shoot for them recently and they sent me some stuff to try, it was soooooooooooooo good!!! I’m a huge sucker for perfumes and lotions anyway so when something smells and feels like this stuff I’m in heaven. The body oil is unreal. I’ve never smelled something better than it and Its like thick buttery oil if thats even possible. I caught my husband using the body oil once haha.  And the perfume is like citrus and plumeria mmm…..

Anyways, I highly suggest buying some stuff for yourself of bff for mom or husband? haha

model- my freaky beautiful friend and first muse Makenna

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