Jessica Janae Photography Backstage Pass | Canada Trip

My little fam went on a trip this week to Alberta, Canada! This was our first time since Willa was 3 months old that we’ve flown with our babies. So it was definitely a new and insane experience haha..

My mom grew up on a tiny little farm here in Canda a town called Fort Macleod. So we spend most our time there where I spent every summer growing up. Pops (my grandpa) takes the babies out to see the cows and to explore the farm. The babies just love it here. No internet, no tv shows, just the outdoors to play and get dirty in for hours.

Fort Macleod has a tiny old amazing little main street where they actually film a lot of movies now days. The movie Inception was filmed here. So every time we come, we go walk down main street to the antique stores and bargain stores and get some yummy Canadian candy! Which is WAY better than american candy haha.

My husband, Jake went on his mission to Ontario, Canada and a bunch of his best friends from his mission moved to Alberta! So anytime we go up to Canada we drive all over Alberta visiting my grandparents and his mission friends etc. Alberta is one of the most beautiful places on earth. My absolute favorite and best childhood memories are in Canada.

This year our trip was to visit family and also to shoot a wedding I got hired to shoot in Edmonton! The reception was on a beautiful little ranch in the middle of fields as far as the eye can see. It looks like a patchwork quilt. Green fields, wheat field, brown fields, yellow fields. Any photographers dream location!!

enjoy 🙂

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