Jessica Janae Continuous light | Light for Sale | Tutorial

Hey guys! So for todays tutorial I wanted to show you a little continuous light that I have used for some time now for shoots that we will now be selling in our store!

They’re slim and small can fit in all my camera bags but give off so much light! I mainly like to use them for receptions during the first dance and the big group dancing! I have also used them when its super dark in my studio to make a beauty dish look on the models face. For weddings I will stand it on a table or ledge of some sort and get backlit shots as well as front lit. Sometimes I put one on a table behind the couple and then hold one in my hand to get the front of the couple which makes a very pretty look for the first dance! Anyways these lights are super fun to play with and a great thing to have at every reception cuz you never know what lighting you’re gonna run into!

We are selling them for $30 in the store! xoxo

jessica janae continuous light CO1A9442 CO1A9444

jessica janae light for sale | continuous light jessica janae light for sale | continuous light
IMG_9324 IMG_9367




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