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Retro House Fashion Shoot on Film Camera

Hi everyone! This is a shoot that I’m definitely excited to post!  Lately I feel as if everyones work in Utah looks THE SAME.  Like, almost exactly the same.  Everyone is copying everyone else and it’s turning into a big, confusing, mess.  Almost all of these photos were shot on film (there are 7 digital […]

Sadie Jane Family Session | Salt Lake City | Whitney

Hello everyone!  Long time no posts… from me…. whoops!  For some reason putting together blog posts is a real struggle for me.  I’m a person who hates doing anything I HAVE to do, but DON’T have to do.  You know what I mean?  I would say it’s a big character flaw for me.  I’m also […]

Hunter and Mitchell Wedding | Provo, UT | Whitney

This wedding was nothing short of perfect!  Hunter and Mitchell met in high school when they were 15!  They casually dated while in high school.  Things got a little bit more serious in college, and then Hunter waited for Mitchell while he was on his LDS mission.  There is nothing quite like a good high […]