Jessica Janae Photography has made a commitment to gathering and retaining some of the amazing talent that comes out of Utah. We’ve found when companies, models, and fashion lines want to go the next level of creativity and talent they tend to look to New York or LA to find that level. The reality is that many of the talented photographers in those NY and LA studios came from Utah. Our vision is that in the coming years the talent in fashion, music, art, dance and photography will stay in Utah giving a viable and competitive alternative for those who would normally look outside our city for such talent.

To that end Jessica Janae Photography has created a studio and talent base here in Salt Lake City on par with any NY or LA studio and we plan on staying here. Our studio has natural light and formal studio areas, a talented makeup artist and even a made to measure suit maker as well as some of the countries most talented photographers. We’d love to create something together for:

  • Commercial Photography
  • Fashion Line Photography
  • Product Line Photography
  • Any Customized Photographic Need

Call us for custom pricing depending on your specific need. We have day rates, half day rates, and discounts available for annual contracts.

How Important are Photos

How important are photographs? In our modern world we shop, socialize, and experience much of our world through what we see online. Companies that survive into the future recognize that an old adage still prevails, “first impressions matters,” and that first impression is almost always a visual one. You must have pictures that grab your clients attention and stimulate their imagination.

What’s the value of an imaginative, creative and visually stimulating photo? Visually captivating photos will be shared and re-pinned over and over again. How much would it cost to reach 100,000 people through paid advertising? The power of such a photo is that it will enter our modern social media stream circulating the globe and drawing attention to your product and your company organically.

Those of us who follow such things know that potential clients and customers spend less than a minute on a web page. That number can be increased by as much as 500% with a captivating photograph. That translates into more sales, more referrals and higher traffic. So what’s the value? You do the math.

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