I’ve been an artist since birth. I was never without pencil and paper.

Growing up, I remember getting frustrated in art classes because I could not get my portraits to look as perfect as what I saw in my head. I would get close, but something was always missing. While choosing art classes in High School one year I decided to take a photography class just for fun. What was supposed to be a diversion turned into an insane passion. Alongside that passion was a deep interest and love for the world of fashion. I gained inspiration from the movement, colors and shapes. Those two passions came together, and by age 18 I’d started a photography business.


Jessica Janae Photographer Salt Lake City

I bring a fashion edge into every shoot I do. Weddings, commercial, seniors, families you name it–I add a mixture of editorial style with some fashion flare to all my shoots.

Within a few years my work could be found in the most popular wedding magazines, fashion blogs and photography sites throughout the globe. I’ve been published in People Magazine, US Weekly, Vogue Italia Blog and Harper’s Bazaar India, just to name a few. I’ve shot around the world, including Portland, North Carolina, Guatemala, Italy, and beyond.

Light is my spirit animal

The first thing that people notice about my work is my use of light. Art is not possible without light. I find the light first, then place the subject within.

I look for and see light EVERYWHERE. Sometimes it drives me nuts. A shadow on the side walk, a silhouette through my curtains, a shaft of sunlight on a tapestry of bricks, or any number of other beautiful scenes offered up every day–all have the potential to become photographs in my mind.

There’s never a minute where I’m not thinking about or planning photographs. It consumes me…after ten years, I’m still obsessed.

I live for this.

My wedding approach consists of immediately taking in the mood and feel of people, environment, color and light. Most importantly, I talk to clients to internalize the mood of their day because when they see my pictures they should remember how they FELT. When they see their finished pictures they should remember the smell, the movement, the music and what was inside them that day.

My favorite thing about shooting weddings and fashion alike is the amazing friendships I create! DUH! I get very close to my clients and often stay good friends with the brides and models after the shoot. I genuinely love to know EVERYTHING about them, which puts me in a position to photograph them perfectly because I love and understand them. I live for this.

Art is not possible without light. I find the light first, then place the subject within.


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