Photographer/Founder and OwnerJessica Janae Salt Lake City, UT


After you look at Jessica Janae’s work, you will forever recognize it. Her photographs have a way of staying at the forefront of your mind, you’ll know instantly when you see one of them again. Each shot has a unique and particular sense of Fine Art making every shot gallery worthy. Jessica has built over her career a foundation in painting, drawing, singing, song writing, performing and choreographing dance, which has highly influenced her eye in every piece she creates. Every one of her shots molds movement, feeling and emotion that brings to life her breathtaking approach to photography.


“I believe every person was meant to use their unique talents and passion to bless the lives of others and I am certain this is my medium for doing just that. I will always be a photographer, no matter what happens or where I am in my life…it’s who I am! Not just what I do. Cameras are optional as in my minds eye I take and see photographs even without it. I love to shoot photographs using natural light and then manipulating that light to work as paint on a canvas displaying your true personalities, quirks and your passion for each other. I will always stay true to my creativity in photography!”

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