We’re pleased to announce a brand new photography seminar:

Jessica Janae Insider Secrets Seminar

We’re excited for this one because we’ll be introducing the Jessica Janae photographers as a team and each will be teaching a section representing their particular strength including:

Interacting with clients–how to make them comfortable enough to get a natural shot.

Culling your photos–how to pick the best pictures and how to limit the field.

Light Room work flow–how to speed up the process.

Light Room color correction.

Light Room editing tips and tricks.

Shooting Manual

Lighting tips and tricks.

Shooting in any type of light, any time of day.

Much Much More!

To receive more information on this excellent seminar or to reserve a spot please fill out a form at the link below.  There will be a limited number of spots for this one so sign up soon!

Seminar Inquiry