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Shivali and Jagan | Indian Wedding | New Orleans Wedding

When literally everything I blog is up a year after it was shot… bless. Better late then never!!!! This was the third Indian wedding I have shot in New Orleans. It took place at The Roosevelt New Orleans this time and WOW was it beautiful…. These are my most favorite weddings to shoot. Seriously. 3-4 […]

Neel and Ayushi | New Orleans Wedding | Indian Wedding

Its been a year since I was in New Orleans shooting this incredible wedding of my very own real life Aladdin and Jasmine!! How has it been that long already?? This wedding was 4 days long. We were on our feet sun up to sun down. Some of the nights when we got back at […]

Jared and Kat | Bridal Shoot | Puerto Rico

Now that these beauties are finally married, wooooooo!!!!!,  here is the second half of the images of Jared and Kat!!! the bridals and my personal favorites… If you haven’t already, go read the previous post that explains all about this beautiful couple and the little journey we took to Puerto Rico!!! These photos just have […]

Anna and Adams Timeless Affair | Utah Wedding | Jessica Janae

Anna and Adam’s summer wedding, featured in the 2016 Utah Valley Bride Magazine, was a classy, timeless affair. Everything little detail of this wedding was perfection.. Anna looks to me like a porcelain doll I would have had on my shelf when I was young. Dainty and perfect. Her style is impeccable! I loved shooting […]

Roslyn and Bill Grand Teton Wedding | Jackson Hole, Wyoming | Whitney

Roslyn and Bill’s wedding was by far my FAVORITE wedding I have shot to date!  Obviously the bride is stunning, the location is incredible, and the decor at the wedding is so unique and amazing, but Roslyn and Bill were so incredibly fun to work with!  Roslyn is one of those people that everyone likes. […]

Hunter and Mitchell Wedding | Provo, UT | Whitney

This wedding was nothing short of perfect!  Hunter and Mitchell met in high school when they were 15!  They casually dated while in high school.  Things got a little bit more serious in college, and then Hunter waited for Mitchell while he was on his LDS mission.  There is nothing quite like a good high […]

Jessica Janae Photography | Tessa Barton Bridals | Salt Lake Wedding Photographer

Tessa and I shot her bridals kind of on a whim. Didnt origonally plan on doing bridals and then the week before we were like, yeah lets just do something cool real quick. Just went for it. Which is how almost everything we shoot goes. She got two dresses for her wedding and didnt decide […]