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Neel and Ayushi | New Orleans Wedding | Indian Wedding

Its been a year since I was in New Orleans shooting this incredible wedding of my very own real life Aladdin and Jasmine!! How has it been that long already?? This wedding was 4 days long. We were on our feet sun up to sun down. Some of the nights when we got back at […]

Albion Fit Shoot in Guatemala | Fashion Photography | Jessica Janae

This blog post has been a long time coming. I had the amazing opportunity to go to Guatemala with the most incredible team to shoot Albion Fit’s lookbook. Our team consisted of myself,  the husband wife owners of Albion Fit Liz and Dave, one of Albion’s employee extrordinaires Madeline- Brad and Hailey Devine – […]

Retro House Fashion Shoot on Film Camera

Hi everyone! This is a shoot that I’m definitely excited to post!  Lately I feel as if everyones work in Utah looks THE SAME.  Like, almost exactly the same.  Everyone is copying everyone else and it’s turning into a big, confusing, mess.  Almost all of these photos were shot on film (there are 7 digital […]

Holiday Editorial Shoot | Jessica Janae| Fashion Photographer

Its shoots like this that keep me going some days. These shoots are what I consider my creative outlet. Bella and Elise are some of the most beautiful young girls I have ever seen in my life. They are both tall and elegant and beautiful dancers. I consider them my muses. Whenever I have an […]

Jessica Janae Photography | Monday Tip | City Locations and Lighting

Hey everyone! Today’s tip is about shooting outdoors on location. When I am shooting on location, especially in the city I focus on finding the light and then placing my subjects in it. instead of thinking about the subject and background first I look around and find the best pockets of light around the spot […]

Jessica Janae Photography | Backstage Pass | Day of the Dead Halloween Shoot

day of the dead, day of the dead photo shoot, creepy photo shoot, avant garde photo shoot. conceptual photography

Hey yo everyone!!! This weeks backstage pass video is of our rad Halloween shoot from a few weeks back! We collaborated with so many amazing people (all listed below), and all threw our ideas into the pot to make a different sort of Day of the Dead shoot! Complete with a dead skeleton girl who […]

Little Unicorn | Salt Lake City, Utah | Jessica Janae fashion shoot

Oh bless Little Unicorn. My good grief their stuff is amazing. They have an awesome team of people who are super talented and super kind. All their patterns you see were hand painted by the girls on their team. They’re different than any other baby blankets I’ve seen. Such gorgeous patterns and the softest of […]

Jessica Janae Photography Monday Tip | Lightroom Basics

Supppp y’all. For today’s backstage pass vid I’m gonna show you how I flow through my shoots in Lightroom. Sorting files and then making presets. Everyone asks me what presets I use, the pack I bought and love to use is VSCO. Best ever. But mainly I use my own presets. I’ve made soooo many […]