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Bell Family Shoot | Salt Lake City, Utah | Whitney

After this cute dads battle with cancer, his wife’s only request was to capture some fun moments with their dad.  When Megan called me and explained that the last family photos they had taken were when her husband was very sick and in chemotherapy, I was so flattered that she picked me to capture this now joyous time.  I can’t even imagine how cherished these photos will be to them.

Their cute little family was so fun to photograph!  The girls were darling and had such personality.  After about 30 minutes of shooting the weather started getting CRAZY, but made for some pretty awesome clouds.  We all had a great time (until the cold came in and the little girls were freezing), but all in all a great photoshoot with incredible people!  Thanks Bell family.


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Megan & Greg Bridals| Amanda Rumsey| Sundance Utah

Hello everyone! It’s Amanda again. Well. I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I’ve been a little MIA from the blog recently. I promise I have a good excuse.

Exhibit   A:

Sundance 19


This is how my day shooting in the mountains began. Yes. Extremely Cold.

On the left, you see the boot I wear every time I shoot from the month of October till about May. The perfect, reliable, durable shooting boot. But on the right-you see a different kind of boot. The clunky, ugly medical kind that has no kind of reliability whatsoever. The kind you wear when you break your foot. Which I did, 3 weeks ago-making it pretty hard to scale mountains and chase families with my camera. Alas-I’m back in the game and these photos were worth scaling hillsides (and possibly getting frostbite) for. :)


Now, on to the good stuff. When I first met Megan and Greg for their engagements in park city, there were the most down to earth, fun and easy to shoot people I’d probably ever met. Because of that, their engagements ended up being brilliant and extremely popular in their circle of friends and family. They tell me I’m amazing-I tell them it’s just because of how awesome they are. :) These two love birds have been married for 2 months now and can I just say that shooting their bridals after they were already married was my FAVORITE part of this shoot. Why? It’s simple. Her dress. We could spend our time doing whatever we wanted and not have to be so overly worried about her dress every step we took. I highly recommend this route to my future brides. ;) I don’t think I could have asked for a more perfect photo shoot from these two. The weather was perfect, Sundance is absolutely breath taking and they are just two beautiful people. The perfect recipe for amazing photos.

Sundance Sundance 2 Sundance 3 Sundance 4 Sundance 5 Sundance 6 Sundance 7 Sundance 8 Sundance 9 Sundance 10 Sundance 11 Sundance 12 Sundance 13 Sundance 14 Sundance 15 Sundance 16 Sundance 17 Sundance 18

And by the way- here’s what the end of my shooting day in the mountains looked like. still haven’t figured out how to get all these out.

Worth it.

Sundance 20


Cheers everyone!



Natasha and Tanner Engagements | Park City, Utah Photographer

So I had a first with this shoot. I drove from Bountiful to the mouth of the Parleys canyon and realized I forgot my camera bag. Photographer’s worst night mare ! haha I was FREAKING out. So embarrassed. and really there was nothing to do but to turn around and get it then meet my couple almost 40 min late cuz of course its rush hour. Luckily this couple was way chill so they didn’t mind at all. phew.

We went around some pretty fields in park city, and then to main street. The light was so beautiful and the sky looked so pretty. Walking around with them just doing whatevs and being weird was perfect for their pics.

IMG_3564 IMG_3537 IMG_3505 IMG_3500 IMG_3496 IMG_3491 IMG_3473 IMG_3450 IMG_3439 IMG_3417 IMG_3400 IMG_3368 IMG_3358 IMG_3350 IMG_3371 IMG_3384 IMG_3388 IMG_3390 IMG_3442 IMG_3459 IMG_3464 IMG_3466 IMG_3479 IMG_3589 IMG_3611 IMG_3616 IMG_3621 IMG_3632 IMG_3666 IMG_3676 IMG_3680 IMG_3683 IMG_3694 IMG_3699 IMG_3708 IMG_3718 IMG_3752 IMG_3755 IMG_3769 IMG_3792 IMG_3799

Skeen Family Mini Shoot|Whitney Kofford|Bountiful, UT

Although these babies only last about 15 minutes in the hot sun, I still had such a great time photographing the Skeens!  Getting two almost 1-year-olds to both look at the camera at the same time is no easy task.  With a little bit of baby talk and some key shaking, I was able to catch their glimpses only a few times.   Seriously though, how cute are these boy girl twins and how gorgeous are their parents?  I’m so happy I was able to photograph this cute family and capture this special time in their babies lives!


salt-lake-city-family-photography-18 F25A7217-Edit salt-lake-city-family-photography-21 salt-lake-city-family-photography-20 salt-lake-city-family-photography-07 salt-lake-city-family-photography-19
salt-lake-city-family-photography-15 salt-lake-city-family-photography-14 salt-lake-city-family-photography-13 salt-lake-city-family-photography-12 salt-lake-city-family-photography-11 salt-lake-city-family-photography-10 salt-lake-city-family-photography-09 salt-lake-city-family-photography-08
salt-lake-city-family-photography-06 salt-lake-city-family-photography-05 salt-lake-city-family-photography-04 salt-lake-city-family-photography-03 Salt-lake-city-family-photography-02 Salt-Lake-city-family-photography-01

Chris Cahoon Field Shoot|Amanda Rumsey-JJ Photography|Farmington, Utah

Hey guys, Amanda again.  

Friends are your chosen family. I’m sure most of us have heard that at one point or another in our lives, and I personally believe that to be true. The same goes for my work family of friends. Think about it. What’s a family made up of? People who love, respect and support one another, who want to kill each other on occasion and spend a huge chunk of time together. Yep. Sounds like our team is a family alright. So when our marketing man Chris and I started to talk about doing this awesome photo shoot of him, I was super excited to get to do it for him. (little does the rest of my team know I will be doing this to the rest of them very soon, willingly or not.)

When Jessica called me almost a year ago and told me she wanted to talk business with me, I honestly had no idea what it would be about. We had always had a working friendship as far as helping out with weddings, taking shoots for one another when something came up, shooting each other when needed, etc. So for her to want to talk the “business” of photography was different for me. Of course I wanted to talk to her, so I showed up to the address she gave me in down town Salt Lake City and was ready to talk, even though I had no clue what about. We sat upstairs in her studio and talked about how jealous I was of her new place for a minute while we waited for her manager to join us. (By the way, this is when I found out Jessica was pregnant with Willa. I was SO excited.) The first thing I noticed about Chris was how ambitious he is and how much of a team player he is. In the short time I sat with him and talked over his and Jessica’s plans to grow and expand their photography business, I could tell how dedicated he was to making this work for her and anyone else that was to be involved. As we talked about where we wanted to grow as photographers and as a company-and as Chris briefly talked to me about his own adventures in photography, company start ups, entrepreneurship and marketing-I knew this guy was legit. That day, I joined the Jessica Janae Photography team.

Fast forward to late February of this year. As a team, we went down to WPPI in Las Vegas together. We all went to grow as photographers, learn more of the business and marketing end, and check out amazing equipment. The funny thing is however we not only left with all of that-but as a closer team and friends. On the way down to Vegas, we talked about TV shows, movies we’d seen, how messed up Game Of Thrones is and music. Chris was just legit till he started to play Eddie Vedder on the way down. Then he became cool. Every time I see Chris now at a team meeting or photo shoot, I ask if he knows any crazy cool band I throw at him-and he does. Like Jessica and I became friends over modeling, shoots and babies, and John with sarcasm and skinny jokes, Chris and I have definitely found our friendship through music. Last week, we were talking about Jon Mayer’s new album and how awesome the photo he used for his album cover was. So, in our attempt to be as cool as John Mayer, we did a shoot of our own-Chris style. Chris Cahoon is a pretty stylish dude. Who else can throw a blanket over their shoulder in a field and make it look this cool? Later, he told me that even though he’s a photographer, videographer, knows amazing people and has awesome connections-this was the first photo shoot of himself he’d ever done. So thanks for letting me shoot you, Chris and for everything else that you do.