Jessica Janae Photography | Backstage Pass | Day of the Dead Halloween Shoot

Hey yo everyone!!! This weeks backstage pass video is of our rad Halloween shoot from a few weeks back! We collaborated with so many amazing people (all listed below), and all threw our ideas into the pot to make a different sort of Day of the Dead shoot! Complete with a dead skeleton girl who has come back to haunt and slowly suck the soul of the “other woman” who has married her husband, is a witch and was behind her murder. Atleast that’s what I think the shoot was about hahahah. Sometimes I just gotta make up a story to get the flow going.

We shot this at the SLC cemetery, starting right before nightfall. It was a tad bit terrifying once the sun was completely down. We found the creepiest spot in the whole place under some old trees with crumbling gravestones. There were some people visiting the cemetery and joggers going by who were probably horrified seeing some witch on a hill standing over a table with candles and a cauldron hahaha.

Halloween has been my favorite holiday my entire life and I’ve never once done a Halloween shoot. No idea how thats even happened. Be looking forward to the reveal of these pics in a few days. Xoxo happy Halloween

Halloween Photo shoot| day of the dead photo shoot

CO1A5561retouch CO1A5651retouch

Hair: Emma’s Parlour @emmas_parlour

Makeup: Jessica Marie Makeup @jessicamariemakeup

Paper Flowers: The Lovely Ave @thelovelyave

White Dress: Chantel Lauren @chantellaurendesigns

Black Dress: Natalie Wynn @nataliewynndesign

Models: Makenna McReynolds @makenna_alyse, Jessie Carden @jessiecarden

Jessica Janae Photography Backstage Pass | Meet Whitney




Snapchat: whitneykofford (she’s hilarious you won’t regret it)

Hey guys! This weeks Backstage Pass video is all about Whitney, the other photographer on the Jessica Janae Photography team!!! I really wanted you guys to get to know her a bit more! She graduated from Utah State with a photography degree and just before joining the Jessica Janae team she was shooting photography in LA (the big leagues). I was drawn to her work instantly. She is so talented, and really knows her stuff. She teaches me something every time I’m with her. She’s also a wizard with film photography! She can shoot film at any shoot if you request it and you will not regret it, it always looks flawless. On top of being extremely talented she is also the most hilarious person on earth. She cracks up every client and makes everyone feel relaxed because she’s so chill!

So I also wanted to include one of Whitney’s film photos, just so you guys can see some of her amazing work even though some of you may have already seen it on Instagram! It’s just so unreal I had to post it here also. Seriously go follow her instagram and check out more of her stuff!


Hope you guys enjoy the video! Let me know what you think, and as always let me know if you have ideas for future videos!



Jessica Janae Photography Backstage Pass | Cookie Time





Hey guys Time for another backstage pass video! Wahoo ! So for this week we decided that I should probably start using my Twitter account that I’ve had for ever and used like twice ha ha. So I started the account up again and asked everybody to go onto Twitter and ask me whatever questions they wanted personal or about business. Then Dayna had The bright idea to try and make cookies with my babies while answering these questions.. Oh bless it you should have seen just the preparation for this. There was flour covering the kitchen and a broken egg before it even began!
These are my absolute favorite cookies in the world that my mom made for us while growing up. They are soft and chewy gingersnaps from heaven. We will post the recipe at the end for you!

Jessica Janae's Chewy Ginger Snap Recipe

Monday Tip| Editing Time Lapse | Jessica Janae

Hey guys! So this week for Monday’s tip, I wanted to give a little peek of what my editing process looks like, for beauty shots in particular. This was for a shoot with Maskcara Cosmetics about a month ago for her makeup line! Do yourself a favor and go check it out.

The model, Madison, is already so perfectly stunning that I thought she’d be fab for this video. Because she obviously doesn’t need anything done to her. She one of the prettiest people I’ve ever seen. So I had to exaggerate this editing video for the purpose of showing you guys what can be done, not because she needs it! In reality I’d actually probably do a tiny bit less than what I did!

So this type if edit is what I do for close up beauty shots, close up fashion shots and close up bridal shots. When the picture is more full body the editing is less extensive on the face. Also, this editing process is what I do for photos that will be published online, and printed for receptions or portfolios etc. If the picture will be in print for a magazine I will do a much longer process with the skin.

So for the smoothing of the skin I use spot healing brush, healing brush and the dodge tool. I dont use gaussian blur or any other type of blur. Thats my biggest tip is to not just blur over the entire skin surface.

Next month I will be selling editing tutorial videos on my website! I did an editing seminar which was awesome but there were so many people out of state that couldn’t come that I thought videos would be so much easier for everyone to access!

I will also be selling my light room presets along with the videos so you can follow along!

Anyways, I love sped up editing videos and have wanted to do one for a while now cuz you always end up shocked in the end haha.

I hope you guys enjoyed it! Leave a comment below and let me know what you guys would like to see for these Monday Tips! I’m excited about these videos and have a lot of them planned that I’m excited to share with you!!!



Jessica Janae Photography | Backstage Pass | 20 Minutes of Editing Madness

A lot of people ask me how I balance my life and how I do it with all the editing.

Welp. most of the time I don’t have an answer. Balance is something Im figuring out little by little. I just MAKE IT WORK. unfortunately we cant afford for me to stop working. And we cant afford for my husband to stop working and we cant afford a full time nanny, and I want to simultaneously be a stay at home mom and full time photographer! SOOOOOO yeah. most days it looks like this. haha

But heres the thing. I think I thrive on craziness without even realizing it. My life has always been crazy since forever. Im always doing a billion different things and always working to be the best at something.

This video right here is why when you ask me for just a quick sneak peek of your pictures I say NOOOOOOO. Within the time this video took place I touched up 2 pictures on photoshop. I had already downloaded them off my camera, culled them and lightroom edited them the night before. Editing takes me a LONGGGGGG time. Cuz Im an editing perfectionist.

Willa can sense when I sit down in my office to edit I swear. hahaha She can feel it and instantly goes into whiny, mad ,sad, need to be up on mom, and glued to mom and helping mom -mode. My office doors have glass so that when I do close them I can still see through. their play room is right next to me so I can see and hear everything. But after about 2 minutes of the door being closed Willa stands on the outside with her face smashed against the glass screaming her heart out for momma. And I cannot stand it. I feel like the worlds worst mom. So I always cave and open it up. Always thinking this time she will just sit next to me and play hahaha…

So here is the breakdown.

I am a full time photographer.

I am a stay at home mom.

I have a shoot about 4-5 times a week. In the summers just about every day.

I travel a lot.

I have a nanny twice a week for 4-5 hours who is amazing and watches the girls at her house so I can strictly edit.

I need at least 20 hours of editing a week. So most my editing is done after the girls go to bed. so from about 1030pm-230pm. But some days I have to do this in the morning for 1-2 hours which is the hell editing time.

I just hired a personal assistant who is 3-4 times a week does whatever I need.

My husband and I don’t see a lot of each other during the week. But we try once a week to have a date night whatever day works with our schedules.

So its just madness all the time and we’ve gotten used to it! But our kids are happy, they love life. Im with them a lot and thats all that matters!!




Jessica Janae Photography Backstage Pass | Meet the Team

Hey guys! Announcing the second exciting thing this week! JESSICA JANAE PHOTOGRAPHY BACKSTAGE PASS!!! Every Friday we will be posting a video to show you guys a little bit of our crazy lives trying to run a successful international photography business! Some weeks it will be a day in my life, or sometimes it’ll be about the team, or a behind the scenes on a photoshoot!

This week I wanted to introduce my bomb team and explain what each of them do, because Jessica Janae Photography is not just me anymore. Heck no. Then were playing a really funny awkward game kind of like the Jimmy Fallon whisper game haha… bless it.