Makenna and Aaron Bridal shoot | Salt Lake City, Utah

Oh this has been a long time coming. I have held off posting this shoot for the right time. I dont know why I do that sometimes. When I hold a shoot dear to my heart I kind of just keep it away from the world for a bit haha. But I guess there will never be a better moment than the next so I am posting these beauties today!

This shoot is going down in history in my book. It went better than I ever imagined. We wanted it to really take on a New York vibe, an evening out in the city!

I used every type of light I could find in this nook of the city. I love to use it in unconventional ways to show different emotions and to get a different emotion out if the viewers as well.

Makenna and Aaron are soooooo amazing. Makenna is one of my best friends and I love her like family.

They both have these electric personalities that just makes people want to be them. And they are so in love. so so in love.

also view their gorgeous engagements here ūüôā¬†¬†

WEDDING DRESS// Designer: Modern Trousseau from Alta Moda Bridal (veil, earrings, and belt also from Alta Moda Bridal)//

MUA: Vivian Johnson

AARON’S SUIT: Custom made by True Gentleman// SHOES: Allen Edmonds


VINTAGE CAR RENTAL: Something Vintage Something Blue


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Jared Fadel |model test shoot | Utah Fashion Photographer | Jessica Janae

Jared. Bless his heart, he is a freak of nature. love this weird human!

We’ve been good friends since high school and shoot tons of ¬†weddings and whatnot together. He is an amazing videographer –¬†

He also happens to be beautiful if you didn’t notice. So I talked him into letting me do a shoot for fun with him. finalllllyyyyy.

I hardly ever shoot guys, like most photographers would say which is unfortunate cuz guys are super interesting and fun to shoot as well. ¬†I’ve asked my husband to let me shoot him about a hundred times cuz hes pretty darn attractive, but nope he wont! haha

we shot these in an apartment in sugarhouse with lots of natural light :))

Anyways, everyone have fun looking at these drool worthy pics.


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Erin and David Engagements | Salt Lake City, UT | Whitney Kofford

Not only are these people beautiful, but they were also so fun! ¬†They recently moved from the South and wanted something iconic to Utah. ¬†Unfortunately the mountains didn’t have any snow yet, so I suggested the famous Great Salt Lake. ¬†They loved the idea and I am so glad they did! ¬†That place is nothing short of incredible! ¬†We had a great time shooting and we could not believe the warm December weather that made things so easy for Erin in her dress. ¬†It was just another fantastic day with fantastic clients!

Much Love,


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Christmas Family Pictures | La Caille | Utah family photographer

I cant get enough of this family!! They are all so beautiful and so kind.

if you remember, I shot their christmas pictures last year as well, you can view them here-

They really are insanely stylish and whenever I post their pictures people think I did a celebrity family shoot. They could totally be famous for being s0 good looking like the Kardashians.

Location- La Caille in Cottonwood, Utah

Destiny’s dress (the mom)- Decades

Honor’s dress- H&m

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