Cauffman Family Shoot | Salt Lake City, Utah | Jessica Janae

These guys drove all the way from Colorado to SLS, straight to the location to shoot! I was shocked I could even get the kids to look at me! They were so awesome.

This family is stunning. The mom, I mean come on. heart eyes. And the baby was an ANGEL the whole time. Didn’t make a peep. It was cold and windy and even started raining at one point haha. But they drove all the way here so I was gonna make sure we got awesome pics no matter what!2014-10-17_0042 2014-10-17_0043 2014-10-17_0003 2014-10-17_0004 2014-10-17_0005 2014-10-17_0006 2014-10-17_0007 2014-10-17_0008 2014-10-17_0009 2014-10-17_0010 2014-10-17_0011 2014-10-17_0012 2014-10-17_0013 2014-10-17_0014 2014-10-17_0015 2014-10-17_0016 2014-10-17_0017 2014-10-17_0018 2014-10-17_0019 2014-10-17_0020 2014-10-17_0021 2014-10-17_0022 2014-10-17_0023 2014-10-17_0024 2014-10-17_0025 2014-10-17_0026 2014-10-17_0027 2014-10-17_0028 2014-10-17_0029 2014-10-17_0030 2014-10-17_0031 2014-10-17_0032 2014-10-17_0033 2014-10-17_0034 2014-10-17_0035

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Megan & Greg Bridals| Amanda Rumsey| Sundance Utah

Hello everyone! It’s Amanda again. Well. I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I’ve been a little MIA from the blog recently. I promise I have a good excuse.

Exhibit   A:

Sundance 19


This is how my day shooting in the mountains began. Yes. Extremely Cold.

On the left, you see the boot I wear every time I shoot from the month of October till about May. The perfect, reliable, durable shooting boot. But on the right-you see a different kind of boot. The clunky, ugly medical kind that has no kind of reliability whatsoever. The kind you wear when you break your foot. Which I did, 3 weeks ago-making it pretty hard to scale mountains and chase families with my camera. Alas-I’m back in the game and these photos were worth scaling hillsides (and possibly getting frostbite) for. 🙂


Now, on to the good stuff. When I first met Megan and Greg for their engagements in park city, there were the most down to earth, fun and easy to shoot people I’d probably ever met. Because of that, their engagements ended up being brilliant and extremely popular in their circle of friends and family. They tell me I’m amazing-I tell them it’s just because of how awesome they are. 🙂 These two love birds have been married for 2 months now and can I just say that shooting their bridals after they were already married was my FAVORITE part of this shoot. Why? It’s simple. Her dress. We could spend our time doing whatever we wanted and not have to be so overly worried about her dress every step we took. I highly recommend this route to my future brides. 😉 I don’t think I could have asked for a more perfect photo shoot from these two. The weather was perfect, Sundance is absolutely breath taking and they are just two beautiful people. The perfect recipe for amazing photos.

Sundance Sundance 2 Sundance 3 Sundance 4 Sundance 5 Sundance 6 Sundance 7 Sundance 8 Sundance 9 Sundance 10 Sundance 11 Sundance 12 Sundance 13 Sundance 14 Sundance 15 Sundance 16 Sundance 17 Sundance 18

And by the way- here’s what the end of my shooting day in the mountains looked like. still haven’t figured out how to get all these out.

Worth it.

Sundance 20


Cheers everyone!



Recent shoots with Albion Fit |Fashion Shoot Chicago & Utah| Jessica Janae

I’ve done so many shoots for Albion fit lately that I end up forgetting about them and never posting any!

So heres a bunch of my fave pics we’ve done recently. I shot my best friend in Chicago (most amazing city I’ve ever been to! I must go back)

We did their Fall line shoot up at Albion Basin, one of the most beautiful places in Utah in my opinion.

Then some random little shoots for their fall stuff for instagram and promotional etc, and there are still lots more pics coming. These are just what have been edited so far!

The models were- Kamille frey of , Brit Andrus, Makenna Boley of , Chenelle Young and Bethany Cox.

all clothing from !

2014-10-05_0001 2014-10-05_0002 2014-10-05_0003 2014-10-05_0004 2014-10-05_0005 2014-10-05_0006 2014-10-05_0007 2014-10-05_0008 2014-10-05_0009 2014-10-05_0010 2014-10-05_0012 2014-10-05_0013 2014-10-05_0015 2014-10-05_0016 2014-10-05_0017 2014-10-05_0018 2014-10-05_0019 2014-10-05_0020 2014-10-05_0021 2014-10-05_0022 2014-10-05_0023 2014-10-05_0024 2014-10-05_0025 2014-10-05_0026 2014-10-05_0027 2014-10-05_0028 2014-10-05_0029 2014-10-05_0030 2014-10-05_0031 2014-10-05_0033 2014-10-05_0034 2014-10-05_0035 2014-10-05_0036 2014-10-05_0037 2014-10-05_0039 2014-10-05_0040 2014-10-05_0041 2014-10-05_0042 2014-10-05_0043 2014-10-05_0044 2014-10-05_0046 2014-10-05_0047 2014-10-05_0049 2014-10-05_0050 2014-10-05_0051 2014-10-05_0052 2014-10-05_0053 2014-10-05_0054 2014-10-05_0055 2014-10-05_0056 2014-10-05_0057 2014-10-05_0062